5th Grade

Please answer at least 2 of these questions before next Tuesday, November 18.

1. What is your favorite subject this year? Why?

2. What are you most excited to do at school this year? Why? 

3. What did you learn from the Prezi/comic book/study guide project for chapter 8 in History?

4. What are some things that you would like to learn this year?

25 thoughts on “5th Grade

  1. My favorite subject is Science. It is my favorite because we get to do cool experiments and learn about fun things. I also especially like learning about space.
    This year, I would like to learn about how a rocket works. I would also like to learn about Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome .

  2. This year my favorite subject is science because I like the experiments we are doing and overall I like the things we are learning. Something that I learned from Prezi is how to zoom in inside my words and how to put pictures on my slides. Some things that I would like to learn this year is about the Great Wall of China and China in general. I love fifth grade so far and can’t wait for future projects.

  3. My favorite subject this year is Language Arts because I like to read and write a lot. I am exited to play on the ACDS basketball team. I am exited because this will be the first time I will have played on a basketball team.

  4. My favorite subject this year is History, because we get to explore the history not just about the US, but all over the world. I also like subjects when we get to try something new or do something a different way. For example in math last year we tried a different kind of math and that year my favorite subject was math. From the Prezi I learned that things don’t always go the way you want it to and it feels to get out of my comfort zone and try something new/different. The Prezi was a huge challenge especially when my whole entire thing deleted and it was fun to it again because I redid what I wrote and changed it into something very different. I think you can tell that I like to do/ try things that are different.😀

  5. This year I really like language arts. I like it because spelling and reading are things that I have always enjoyed. I don’t particularily like writing but it is very important to learn. I am excited for the 5th grade social because my sister said it was really fun and there is nothing wrong with hanging out with your friends. I learned from my Prezi that it can be good to take risks and it can be bad. In my case it was good. It may have taken more effort because it was new but it turned out great. This 5th grade year I would like to learn to feel confident in myself no matter the situation. I would also like to try to be less hard on myself. I am very excited for the rest of my 5th grade year at ACDS!

  6. My favorite subject this year is math. Math is my favorite subject because I have always liked math and I think I am really good at it. I learned from the Prezi I did for history that even though things look really complicated, that they are not actually that hard.

  7. One of the things I m excited for is the Festival of Learning. I am excited o learn more things. Math is my favorite subject I like it the the best because I think I’m pretty good at it and can improve.

  8. I like math and language art because you get to do a lot of projects and tests I am really excited to learn about
    About the field trips this year I learned that you really need to put time and effort in it I want to learn about about antient roame

  9. I am exited to do all the different projects, because I have heard that they are fun to do. I learned from the chapter eight project that Prezis can be fun.

  10. My favorite subject this year. Is science or history. This year I would like to learn algebra and about ancient Egypt. I learned how to take academic risks and how to add pictures on prezi

  11. My favorite class is P.E. because it is fun. I’m looking forward to learn about old wars in the Middle East around their because it is interesting.

  12. My favorite subject this year so far is reading because I like listening to the books that we read as a group.I am most exited for the field trips because of the first two.

  13. My favorite subject this year is math because I really like math and I have a lot of fun doing it.
    I really hope that we will learn algebra,geometry, and chemistry

  14. My favorite class this year is probably reading class ’cause of the read aloud books and because I just like reading in general. I am most excited this year for the new schedule and getting 4 P.E.’s out of 5 days.

  15. my favorite subject this year is history because from 2nd grade to the grade its been about american history now its not, which i like.
    I would like to learn more about modern history out in Europe.

  16. My favorite subject is probably history because I like learning about the way that people lived their lives without all the faucets and cars, and other things that we use daily. Something that I learned in the Chapter 8 project was that working on my own with absolutely no help whatsoever was a good learning experience that says that you don’t need tons of help on difficult obstacles to make something you’re proud of.

  17. I’m already having a great year in fith grade and I already love my teachers. My favorite subject has to be LA, I love typing up our stories and so far I love my lit book. I’m so glad I disided to do a prezi beacause now I know for the future how to use it. I hope fith grade gets gets even better( if that’s possible).:)

  18. Hello 5th grade! This year my favorite class is Language Arts because I love to read and write, and also because we are doing really fun things like writing narratives, and the reading groups! Some things that I would like to learn this year are 1, I would like to learn about Ancient Greece/Rome in History, and 2, i would like to learn more about how far we can go in space before The Milky Way crashes into Andromeda in Science. But that is all I would like to know for now! I’m having an awesome year and I hope all the 5th graders are too!

  19. My favorite subject this year is history because I really like learning about the early civilizations of the world! I’m really looking forward to learning about early ancient Greece because the Percy Jackson books really got me interestEd in Greek mythology.

  20. My favorite subject in school is science because we do a lot of projects and cool things. My favorite project was called oom bleck. It was corn starch, water, and green food dye mixed together. This year I want to learn more algebra because it is a good unit in math. I want to read the second book in the island series. I liked the island book because it was an adventurous book.

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