Before we get too far away from Halloween, I have a few questions for you to answer. Pick at least 2 questions to respond to. 🙂

1. What was your favorite part of the Halloween events at school? (games, parade, party, etc) Why was that part your favorite?

2. Which costume(s) did you like best?

3. If you had unlimited money, what kind of costume would you wear for Halloween next year?

4. If you could convince other people to do group costume (and again, money was no limit), what would you all be?

5. Did anything crazy/awesome/terrible/weird happen when you went Trick-or-Treating at home on Halloween?

Please remember to check your comment for spelling, capitalization, and typos.

4 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. I had a great Halloween with all my friends and got a massive amount of candy that disappeared. If I could get some people together and have a group costume we would probably all be ghost busters( I aint afraid of no ghost). Something awesome that happened was that since my buddy lives in my manor hood even though it was to late to go trick or treating with her I still got to see her and she gave me lots of candy!!:)

  2. If I could be in a group costume I would want to be either everyone from Charlie Brown or 101 Dalmatians. If I had unlimited money I would be a Greek goddess next year. Overall Halloween was awesome.

  3. Answer to question #4: I would convince some of my friends to go as people from Harry Potter or as Thing 1-4
    Answer to question #1: My favorite part was when we got to walk around the school with our buddies because it was really fun to spend more time with them and I wish to do more activities with my buddy in the future.
    Answer to question #5: Well, I was going to ask one of my friends to go trick-or-treating with me but I waited too long and my other friend went with another one of her friends, so I went with my family. I also, I cracked my Itouch so we went to the Apple store and to repair it was a lot of money but to get an IPhone 5c, it was free. We didn’t feel like spending a lot of money that night, so we bought the phone. It was not a typical Halloween.

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