Chapter 9 Keynote/Prezi

Hi 5th graders, what new things did you learn from your chapter 9 Keynote or Prezi? Did you learn something new about the app/site? Did you learn something new about yourself? Maybe you just learned something interesting about Egypt! 

20 thoughts on “Chapter 9 Keynote/Prezi

  1. So far I love learning about ancient Egypt and how everything worked back then (even though some stuff is pretty sad).Since I did a keynote I was able to know the different ways it works.

  2. I learned that with prezi it is hard to edit the path. Next time I will work harder on starting earlier. I never knew that the vizier was an official.

  3. I learned that Prezi can be frustrating but is worth the academic risk. I also learned that it is a very creative way to do a project. I learned that Imstill have some struggles it is easier than when I started.

  4. I learned on Prezi you can change the slide order without having to drag them up and down. I learned how to change the templates when you are halfway through your presentation.

  5. I learned that how to zoom into slides. I also thought it was a great idea to do prezi. I have wonderful slides. One bad thing was prezi was deleting some slides. I was able to find them but it was very frustrating. I think it is good for presentations and it is very useful.

  6. I learned that I’m better at keynote than I thought. I learned that trying new slides pays off, because I used slides I hadn’t ever used and they look good. I also think that I should try a prezi next time I have the choice.

  7. I learned many new stuff about ancient Egypt. Such as how they didn’t have money and they paid taxes with other stuff. I also learned that on Prezi, you could make slides very small and in something you already typed, like the title.

  8. I learned how to creatively use zooming in and how to just bring in edits to make the whole presentation look really cool. Something new that I learned about Prezi is the different ways to use bullet points wisely, change the color and adjust the text. I found all of the different classes and their daily lifestyle very interesting and intriguing, and I hope to learn much, much more about ancient Egypt.

  9. Something that I already new about Prezi is how to draw lines. It didn’t work for me last time I used Prezi but this time it worked out nicely. Something that I learned about myself is if I just stay focused I can be productive and get my work done fast, and during this project I felt like I used my time wisely. One thing I learned about Egypt that I thought was interesting was how you usually stay in the same social status that your parents were but if you had certain skills and education there was a chance you could move up

  10. I leaned that a keynote is a lot easier than a Prezi because on a key note it’s easier to make new slides and easier to put the slides in order. I also learned a lot of facts about ancient Egypt.

  11. For the adventure assignment for both chapters, I did a Prezi. I learned that I REALLY like Prezi because I love how much you can zoom in and all of the templates that you can choose! I learned how creative I can get and how much fun I have being creative!

  12. I learned that Prezis are much harder than Keynotes but you can do more things with it. I found it cool how many different things you could do with Prezi. Before I thought I was bad at doing projects with computers but I learned that I’m actually pretty good at using computers for projects.

  13. I didn’t really know anything about Egypt before this year so I learned a lot. I used Prezi for this project on chapter 9. This is my second time using Prezi. This time I tried more things instead of play it safe with what I knew. I learned that Prezi can’t do things that other apps can, but it is a better turnout I the end in my opinion. I learned that you can add arrows and symbols and I learned to change the color of text, symbols, and arrows. I learned that it is good to experiment with things like Prezi because it usually will make your project better anyway. Oh, I also learned how to frame and filter pictures.

  14. I learned that sometimes technology will not always go the way you want it to. I learned that I can get distracted very easily and next time I will try to stay more focused when I have to work on a project or any homework. I think I had a much better experience with presi because It was my first time and I loved exploring the app/website. Next time we choose a prezi or a keynote I will definitely choose a prezi.

  15. I learned about how the ancient Egyptians buried people was gross but very interesting. I thought that prezi was a really cool site with tricks like putting a slide in word and I was eager to find out those tricks. I also liked the choose your own adventure idea too! I learned I can work really fast with little time.

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