Science research paper

Which scientist did you pick for your science research paper. Why did you choose that person? What is the most interesting thing that you have learned about your scientist so far? 

Please respond by Thursday, January 29.

10 thoughts on “Science research paper

  1. I chose a man named Abl al Raman al Sufi or Azophi.i chose him because Mr. Fleming was talking about him and he sounded really interesting. The most interesting thing I learned was that The first time Azophi saw another galaxy he thought it was a little cloud.

  2. I chose Buzz Aldrin because I think it takes a lot to let someone else be the first person on the moon. I think you have to be a great person to let someone do that. The most interesting thing I learned about Buzz Aldrin was that he flew 66 combat missions in the Korean War. Another thing that was really interesting thing I learned about Buzz Aldrin was that he, Michael Collins and Neil Armstrong, the entire Apollo 11 crew were all born in the same year.

  3. For my project I picked Stephen Hawking. I picked him because the movie made him seem really interesting. The most interesting thing I have learned about him is the doctors predicted he would live for two years at the age of 21 but he has lived over 40 years longer!

  4. I chose Christa McAuliffe because I find her story very interesting. The fact that she was a regular teacher who was about to go into space amazes me. I am looking forward to the visual.

  5. I chose Galileo Galilei. I chose him because I love to say his name and I forgot what he discovered about space and how things fell so I wanted to learn it all again by writing a report about him. The most fascinating thing about my scientist is that he was never married to the woman he loved, yet he had three children. Also it is so cool that he discovered sun spots.

  6. Hello, classmates! For my science research paper I’m studying Isaac Newton. I chose Mr. Newton because I didn’t know a lot about him, I knew that he did some important things but I didn’t know those things, and because nobody else was doing him and I wanted to do somebody that nobody else would study. The paper has been fun so far and I can’t wait to comment on the next post! See y’all later!

  7. The scientist that I chose for the science reasearch paper is Maria Mitchell. I chose Maria Mitchell because when I read about her online before we chose who we wanted she sounded very interesting in that she was the first person to discover a telescopic comet. Well the most interesting thing that I learned so far about Maria was how she was very patione about astronomy and that she discovered the comet on a night that a party was going on.

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